Welcome to Oldhammer Europe forum

Musisz się zalogować jeżeli chcesz umieszczać wpisy i zakładać tematy.

First time in the forum? Read this first, please 🙂

Oldhammer Europe is supposed to unite all those who want to have fun playing different editions of Warhammer Fantasy Batttles, Warhammer 40,000 games, as well as Mordheim, Gorka Morka, Man O 'War, etc.
WE DO NOT CREATE BORDERS! If you want you can write here even about Age of Sigmar or Infinity. You only have to reckon with the fact that no one will want to discuss with you about these systems.

Around the word OLDHAMMER, many myths and legends arose, but above all unnecessary animosities and divisions. Oldhammer Europe wants to break these divisions, to serve players knowledge gathered on the site or forum, to inform about the latest events related to the already closed battle game systems, such as Warhammer Fantasy Battles or older Warhammer 40.000 editions It's time to create the largest and unique society of OLDHAMMER together. I invite you to freely enjoy the benefits of the site, the forum and at the same time I ask for support in the construction of this society, which is Oldhammer Europe.


General rules and conditions (briefly and specifically):

  1. Please don't swear.
  2. On main forum, please use  English. Other forums such as Polska [PL], Deutchalnd [DE], etc. you may use both English or other language suitable to the name of the forum.
  3. Make love, not war - please try not to initiate any s**t storms or any quarrels.

Those rules will be updated if necessary (may it not happen) 😉


Posting a new topic
Please make sure that you describe the topic in the right way. To avoid confusion, if you are adding a topic related to some edition of WHFB or WH40k, clearly specify this edition.
Suggested topic example: [WHFB 5] How to build a roster for Orcs & Goblins or [WH40k 6 and 7] What was the main differences between 6th and 7th editions?

Allocation to state forums
In this forum there are state forums, which the administrator can assign to users. For new users, the forums are visible but they can't writhe there. Just after registration, please contact me (oldhammer.eu@gmail.com or via PM) with information on which language (which nationality) you are.