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Kostka Domina workshop

Hi guys. I'm currently working on few Oldhammer/Middlehammer/Warhammer projects, and decided to show some of them here. I hope this will motivate me to paint more WFB and less distractions 🙂

One of my biggest dreams when I was getting into the hobby was to own a fully painted army and a beautiful table. At the beginning it was hard to set a proper game, but nowdays I own few different scenery sets for different settings and games. For Warhammer however I decided to go pretty oldschool and went for the classic static grass mat look. I'm really happy with the table, it really has that Middlehammer vibe that I just love. Here are some (saddly crappy) pictures of it:




More pictures of the tower: https://kostkadomina.blogspot.com/2017/04/figurkowy-karnawa-blogowy-xxxii-wybrany.html


I also have a set of those old Citadel trees that I use in my games:


NICE! Total oldschool! 😀

Congrats, looks really great! Soon I'll have my own table with some pieces of scenery (can't wait) 😛 

Me like. You need nothing more to play exciting battles!